case study: CyberConsultations DFG Business Datasite

DFG Order Tracking Page

DFG needed a datasite to track customers, subcontractors, invoicing, billing and employee management. We were subcontracted to handle all of it through CyberConsultations. From a login page (with forgotten password functionality) to paginated, searchable data entry interfaces, to a fully automated order tracking system, we got it done. Pretty fast too - AND IN GERMAN!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

The first obstacle in this project was the end-client was German. Dishproductions needed to create an interface with German currency notation, German buttons and German accents. And we did so with very little input from the client. All price fields had to be converted on the fly to use commas instead of decimal points! Conversion to and from European notation. At least we know a little German now. :-)

Customized date fields

In addition to changing decimals to commas for all price points, DFG required that all dates conform to a DD.MM.YYYY date format - so we had to tackle this conversion to and from the client's preferred format for all date fields. And make the date fields searchable too.

Automated invoice creation

The premier functionality of this site was to combine all the stored data - client addresses, subcontractors and partners, billing information and services - to create an automated invoice system for each order. The user (an employee of DFG) can create an order with specific client and billing information, and then simply add new Ordered Service positions, state a quantity of that service, and the system automatically calculates a total price of ALL ordered services, immediately, and stores the information, so it can be altered or updated. Complicated, we know.

Automated PDF Generation

To add to the challenge, DFG required a PDF (portable document format) file generated using the data from the datasite. This required figuring out how to layout and generate a PDF file without actually just printing it. Believe us - it was cool.
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