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case study: Thomas Fazakas Portfolio Site Editorial - Detail View

Mr. Fazakas presented us with our first full Flash site endeavor. His work in men's fashion appeared throughout several international publications and it inspired us to some of our best creative and interactive work. The site features a music player with volume and track selection, smooth animated interactivity, sound effects and a clean, fresh, masculine design.

Smile for the camera!

To create a 'fashion industry' air around his site, we added camera-style effects to the animations on Thomas' site. Clicking on pieces results in an animated 'flash' with shutter sound effect. Fun and effective, it keeps his users clicking!

Can you do sound too?

Thomas had a rare request for us - take his favourite music and create a repeating loop, for background music. We went a couple of steps further. We created 6 loops, and packaged them in a user-controlled 'jukebox' giving the user control of volume and what kind of background music they prefer (or they can stop it of course!) No outsourcing!