Please note: In developing the content management for this site, we specified a static image size of 800 x 600. As a result of this restriction not being observed, some of the images may appear too large! Also, this site is no longer LIVE. This is a demonstration only!


case study: Kevin McCarthy Site Development Homepage

Kevin outsourced the design of his site and came to Dishproductions with a flat PDF file of his procured design. We made it work! Using PHP and CSS/JS, we brought his site design to life and also added in some overlooked elements, all the while keeping to the same identity created by Janet New. In addition, we created a custom PHP content management system tailored to suit Kevin's needs.

Interactive thumb previews

As dictated by the original site design, Kevin's site needed the functionality of each property listing to have 12 images (later upgraded to 18) that would preview the image on mouseover, and overlay the full size (800x600) image on click.

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Kevin wanted to include a Land Transfer Tax calculation algorithm for use by his potential clients. This JavaScript form takes in a purchase price, as well as an option to specify a first time home buyer. The system then returns a calculation based on existing formulas immediately to the user.

Some extra little things

The site design presented one big problem - it was of a fixed height! Because of this, every section needed to be coded to allow for scrollable content contained within the fixed height frame (but not using frames!!!) This was complicated by the fact the content is dynamic. Also, there were no designs for the intermediary pages, like listings (see Homes Recently Sold) but we managed to produce the result Kevin wanted.

Custom content management

The core idea of the site was to give Kevin the ability to add new listings, and track sold properties, as well as track page hits and traffic to his site. Using PHP (pure, no framework) we created a customized content management system for managemnet of images, testimonials, for sale and sold listings and a custom click counter, in addition to adding 3rd party analytics.
Additional Credits - Original Site Design: Janet New