case study: 9Baby Retail Webstore Product Page

9Baby came to us with a flat PDF site design and asked if we could take their PDF and create a fully functional site from it. This included front-end coding staying absolutely true to the supplied design, and server-side application building with Django featuring a product management interface and more.

3rd Party E-Commerce

9baby required integration with Virtual Merchant's (VM) e-commerce solution. To accomplish this, we submit the total via POST on the server, and create a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to display the VM-provided checkout form page. Safe and secure, tested and deployed!

Product Management System

As a retail store, 9baby required a product management background to to manage product images, sale prices, quantities, sizes and categories (to name a few.) We delivered a backend powered by Django to accomplish exactly what they needed - an update-able, live product database with an administration system.

Can you make it do this?

Provided with a flat, static story board, Dishproductions provided the usability factor and brought the site to life. Using background AJAX calls, the interface is smooth and easy to use. Removing ordered products is handled elegantly and functionally on screen. Product details are loaded without refreshing the page. All these small details are what make the site a pleasure to use. Try it!
Additional Credits - Original Site Design: Janet New