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case study: SweetLulu Online Ordering Website Homepage

In addition to the branding and printed materials we did for SweetLulu, they decided to go digital! Following the trend of online ordering for take out restaurants, SweetLulu wanted a way for their clientele to place an order online, as well as the site design to wrap it up in. The website is a mix of fun and function, keeping the look and feel of the restaurant identity while providing elegant functionality.

Cute and fun design

Following the theme we created with the printed materials, we pulled the floral motif and made it central to the design - cementing the brand and keeping the site looking modern. Rounded-rectangle corners and fun, vibrant colours keep the site fresh and fun.

(Multi-Step) Online Ordering

Using current (at the time) interface techniques, the online ordering system is very easy to use. Select an option, and related menu options are made visible. For example, if the user selects a Combination Bowl, they are presented with a submenu of items to add. Otherwise the submenu is hidden from view.

Additionally, SweetLulu offers a 5-step ordering process for their signature bowls. Dishproductions created an automated process to mimic the in-store experience.

Real-Time Price Calculator

To compliment the user-friendly ordering system, SweetLulu wanted a way for the user to track their current order. Dishproductions was asked to develop a real-time cashier module listing all ordered items, quantities, running total and tax calculation. Plus, the user can also REMOVE ordered items!
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